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Our company was born  in 1888 in Torino and was originally called “Maraschi Brothers”. In those years many similar businesses were established in the Piedmont region, the main area of cultivation of officinal plants to produce bitters and vermouth.

Our commitment to natural products and our skill to extracting flavours and fragrances from plants, consolidated in the next decades and led our company to grow and achieve success in Italy and abroad, especially in the beverage industry.

When the confectionery hub experienced a development in Piedmont during the post-war years, our firm acquired solid skills and experience in other  flavouring’s applications such as bakery, pastry, sweets and candies.


On the occasion of  Maraschi Brothers’ 100th anniversary, the merger with ‘Ercole Quirici’ spa, a flavouring manufacturer since 1889, was executed. The new Company changed its name to “Maraschi& Quirici” spa.

With a well-established structure and management,  Maraschi&Quirici purchased  in the following years ‘Costantino Rigamonti’ (1895), a firm specialized in flavourings  for soft drinks.

In 2003 the company’s headquarters were  then moved to the new, larger production facility in Riva presso Chieri, about 5000 square meters of industrial shed. Later that same year, Maraschi&Quirici acquired Cydea; this company of  peppermint essential oils manufacturers was born in 1949 and always belonged to the major shareholder’s family. It takes pride in its traditions and international experience.


Recently, Maraschi&Quirici has strongly improved its business know-how and techniques in order to develop new flavourings specifically meant for the industrial sector of cocoa and milk by-products (ice-creams, yoghurt, creams). This way our company has increased even further its application laboratories’ expertise.


The Maraschi&Quirici production is traditionally oriented towards medium-high quality standards, but our Company proves itself to be competitive even when market imposes new challenges in the low-price demand.

Reliability, expertise, trustworthiness and the constant effort to achieve quality and excellence are Maraschi&Quirici key words, a Company that flavoured  a century.


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